5 Post Topics for Business Blogs

write post, post topicsA fresh blog post is always more attractive to Google than a stale one so you have to plan on posting at least once a week to curry search engine’s favor.

Posting daily is exponentially better, with every hour presumably best. Posting monthly or bi-monthly simply doesn’t cut it.

This reality is especially crucial for business sites because your revenue depends on search engine results.

So, how do you keep up the pace of writing blog posts? Where does the inspiration come from? Here are 5 post topics to spark your business blog writing.

  1. Announcements – Everything happening in your business is material for a post. New inventory, new services, recent purchases or investment, company events, donations given, stories of outstanding employees and anything new is perfect blog material. Announcements create excitement and help build your organization’s story, all of which allows customers to know you better.
  2. Reviews – Opinions and analysis of products or services are popular online. Retailers who can write about inventory items like a critic – informed and balanced as opposite to boilerplate and hard-sell – build trust and confidence from their customers. Reviews begin with an introduction before the description of features you liked, followed by features you disliked, and if you can find one, it’s nice to finish on an upbeat note.
  3. Current events – Topical issues that relate to your business offer more sensational material. Upcoming events, the effects of government actions, industry scandals and crime, public figure involvement, and natural and man-made disasters related to your industry are all things that will grab readers and possibly aid your rise in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  4. Profiles and interviews – Zero in on your producers, distributors, industry stars or even your associates and customers. Talk about what they’re doing and how it affects your industry. Email makes interviews fast and easy to conduct and edit, but you often get less elaboration from subjects who might typically run at the mouth. A well-recorded and transcribed voice interview tends to provide more abundant comments and practically writes itself – but takes more time.
  5. Seasonal – Holidays are perennial, and if your business has anything to do with celebrations you would be negligent by refraining from exploiting them. Also, don’t ignore national commemorative days, weeks and months to latch onto for a timely connection. Sporting events like the Super Bowl, Gray Cup, World Series and Stanley Cup finals also offer timely metaphors to play with.

Remember, humor wins the hearts of readers. Whenever you can insert a tasteful joke, twist, or anecdote it’s always a welcome relief to the serious stuff.

Please tell me if these topic ideas were helpful, and if you have more business post topics to suggest, please leave them in comments.

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