11 thoughts on “The 27 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Prevent Hacking in 2018”

  1. Helpful list of WordPress security plugins. Thanks for sharing.
    Currently i am using the User Activity Log Pro plugin for login purpose security of my website.

  2. Great article, Mari! I recommend a lot of these plugins to WordPress users as well. Another thing to consider is the security of your site’s server. Especially if you’re managing your own cloud server with DigitalOcean or Rackspace, you could use a service like HeatShield (https://heatshield.io) to manage your server’s firewall and block ssh brute force attempts.

  3. Hey !

    Great post ! We would be very grateful if you would try and then express your opinion about our plug-in. it’s not as popular yet, but we are receiving good reviews from our users. Our product offers an all around website protection and security modules as well as several interesting additions such as an automatic version updater

    It’s the WordPress “WebDefender” : https://wordpress.org/plugins/cwis-antivirus-malware-detected/

    Many Thanks,

  4. Hi Alan!
    Are you psychic? Over the weekend, I remembered having installed WebDefender in one of my sites recently, particularly to block IP addresses, and how much I’ve come to like it. I also like the Security Tweaks suggestions. I don’t know how I missed this! Will add to this update momentarily.

  5. Great article.
    I have seen people who install a security plugin once their website has been compromised. Don’t wait for something to happen, rather be proactive.

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