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​In this easy-to-read, interactive ebook you’ll learn the 10 steps to building and launching a WordPress website in the order you need to perform each task. An essential guide for business people who want to get started on the Web.

And, it's updated for WordPress Version 4.5!

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Do you want to change your website without paying your webmaster for it?

Why use WordPress?

WordPress offers two important advantages:                                         Easy Accessibility  +  Unlimited Functionality.

You can easily load your content and manage it yourself.

WordPress is supported by a cult-like network of enthusiastic developers, always improving the system.

How easy is WordPress?

WordPress offers an intuitively-designed dashboard that allows administrators to easily update content by cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop movements. 

Revision and Autosave features prevents users from losing content.

What tools does WordPress use?

There are thousands of WordPress free and premium themes available, some designed for specific business niches.

Thousands of WordPress plugins are coded for niche functionality and available for Free.

With WordPress, you can feel comfortable updating your own site!

What you'll learn from Create a WordPress Website In Ten Easy Steps: Updated for v 4.5

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Top Five Things to Remember about WordPress

  1. Registering a Domain Name
  2. Opening a Hosting Account
  3. Installing a Theme
  4. Adding Plugins & Widgets
  5. Building the Site
  6. Adding Blog Posts
  7. Optimizing for Search
  8. Connecting Social Media
  9. Monetizing the Site
  10. Maintaining the Site

Plus – Top 10 Ways to Learn WordPress

About the Author

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Mari Kane

Mari Kane is a Blogger, Web Designer and WordPress Consultant.

When she's not designing WordPress websites and helping people with their own, Mari blogs about blogging at, and wine at

She also web masters for the BC Association of Travel Writers at, and guest blogs at, and

Mari has spoken at WordCamp Vancouver and runs a popular Meetup, WordPress Workshop.

Follow Mari at @blogsitestudio 

What people say about Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps

I found Create a WordPress Website to be an easy read, especially for a less than technical person such as myself. The chapters provided a clear progression of information and I was able to follow along at each step of the way. The Five Things to Remember chapter was especially good, since I haven’t seen that information anywhere else. A really helpful book!!

Susan Lundahl 

​There are many ads where people offer to make a web page for you, but Mari teaches you how to do it. I was amazed at how easy it was.

Graham Best

The book is easy to understand and the didactic is great! Topics of excellent quality with professional instructions. It helped a lot in the creation of my second site . I recommend it for those who already acts as Web Designer and for those who want to enter this market!

Marcelo Gama

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