New Year’s Internet Resolutions You Can Make Too

Happy new year, bloggers!

Can you believe it’s already 2014? Where did last year go? More importantly, what did I learn in 2013 that will make me change my online ways for the better?

A whole hell of a lot is what I learned in 2013, enough to hammer home good Internet habits for life. On my computer, 2014 will be much different than 2013 after I’ve enacted these New Year’s Internet Resolutions.

Here they are!

Change Passwordsinternet resolutions,

I have over 100 personal-use passwords currently in play and I’m embarrassed to admit how many were never changed, even once. That situation will be altered in 2014 as the first of my Internet resolutions is to systematically change each and every password on my list. No password generator for me, though. My passwords will be mantras.

Backup Backupsbackup, internet resolutions,

I’m on my third half-terabyte hard drive stuffed with documents and images and libraries, but it has been a while since I backed up those backups. I resolve to get over the sense that the cloud is a pile of files floating above our heads, visible to anyone who looks skyward, and use these kinds of services to store my folders. Maybe I’ll make better use of Dropbox, or break out with JustCloud, SkyDrive or Google Drive. However, just in case of armageddon, I’ll also be keeping it old school with DVDs.

Stop Cross Postingsocial-media-pile,

I will not cross-post on Facebook. Google Plus will never see a crosspost of mine. Cross posting on Twitter is a thing of the past. Pinterest will get it’s own type of posting from me. The stuff I post on Linkedin will be different from what my other networks see…

Think Share over Search

Internet resolutions,
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It’s been a short time coming, but with the advent of the new Google algorithm, Hummingbird, Search is practically a thing of the past. Which makes sense, now that there are over 1.67 billion web pages online. How in the world do I think Google is going to pick my post for page one of its search results? I’ll continue using the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize my posts, but when it comes to the title tags I resolve to make them something a person, not just a program, will want to share. After all, sharing is caring.

Resist Oversharinginternet resolutions,

Do I really think anyone cares that I’m done with my laundry and will now sit down to work for a client, or that my cat just did something really cute and deserves extra treats? I don’t think so. Therefore, my next Internet resolution is to resist telling the world every damn thing about my personal life on social media. I see Facebook friends use the site as an online diary, or post their every picture taken on vacation – but not me. I don’t want to be the person who looks so starved for attention from her live friends that she demands attention from her Facebook friends.

Tweet Smarterinternet resolutions,

There was a time when I only tweeted when I launched a new post and wanted my followers to read it. Now I know the way to get more followers and “build a community” is by sending out a wider variety of stuff, both original and retweeted. My Internet resolution is to make even better use of the TweetDeck Scheduler to tweet relevant but separate info to my wino list and to my geek list. Inquiring minds want to know.

Plus Moreinternet resolutions,

I realize that it took me way too long to get into Google Plus, but now that I have come to terms with how Google is taking over the Internet, I resolve to make Google my BFF by using Google Plus much, much more.

Make Videosinternet resolutions,

I’m realizing how videos can give more value to my blog posts by creating a “spiderweb network of content.” Especially for this site, which is so tutorial-driven. So, my final Internet resolution is to create more educational videos to augment my posts, and to drive traffic to and from my YouTube channel, WineTalker. To do this I’m going give Quicktime or CamStudio a whirl before upgrading to Camtasia. I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

But enough of my Internet resolutions, what about you? What changes do you intend to make in this bright, shiny new year of 2014?



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