If a customer can't see your site on a phone, how will they find you?

At Blogsite Studio, I design every website to be mobile friendly. That way, every time a potential customer navigates to my client’s site on a smart phone, the information is presented as crisply and clearly as it would on a desktop computer.

WordPress Web Design Services

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Web Design

​My approach to all web design is simplicity, beauty, and functionality.

After I determine your needs and desires, I create a sitemap and wireframe of your new site. Then I deliver the results you want.​

Wordpress Workshop group

WordPress Tutorial

I am an expert at teaching WordPress,    privately or in groups.

After a Dashboard Tour, I show users every aspect of the tools: multiple ways to accomplish tasks, keyboard and Dashboard shortcuts, time-saving tricks, as well as things to avoid.

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WordPress Workshop

My monthly WordPress Workshop presents topics of interest to WordPress users in the comfort of Big Rock Brewery in Vancouver.

Each Meetup includes a presentation, a question and answer period, and networking time – all over food and drinks.

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Something about Mari

I've done WordPress web design here in Vancouver, BC since 2010 when it become my favorite CMS platform. I also work as a WordPress Consultant, helping people with their existing blogsites and social media.

As a WordPress tutor I can train a client to use their site within one hour.

I'm also an accomplished blogger and have published two ebooks of my posts: Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps and Escalate Your WordPress Website: Twelve Ways to Blog at a Higher Level.

A professional photographer with a thing for visuals, I can create branding and illustrations for any industry or motif.

Samples of client websites

The Gods from Outer Space
A redesign of a site for a re-branded music group. Full-size home page image added. Implementation of WooCommerce, in a[...]
Pipe Dreams Winery
Pipe Dreams Winery is a new winery in Oliver, BC, making wines from unique grape varieties. For their debut website, I[...]
Singletree Winery
Singletree Winery is a redesign project for a small family winery in the Fraser Valley of BC. Redesigned using same[...]
Murdoch Productions
Built with the Live! theme, MurdochProductions.com showcases the talents of singer, Darcy Murdoch and his alter egos Elvis, Santa, and Bobby[...]

What my clients say

Mari designed a beautiful site that graphically represents the travel experience. She listened closely and found the solutions we needed to present the information the way we wanted it. Additionally, thanks to Mari’s thorough training skills, our members are now able to design and create their own profile pages as well as post to their heart’s content. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mari for both designing sites as well as training users on WordPress.

Karoline Cullen, BC Association of Travel Writers, Vancouver, BC
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Mari Kane did an excellent job at helping me get my website up and online. She is very adept with Word Press and gave me numerous options while creating the site. Once we knew what direction we were taking she offered several inventive ideas. Mari is a good problem solver and came up with quick and clever expedients. I’d definitely recommend her services."

Howie Moscovitch, H2M Sound, Nashville, TN
John Doe UI/UX Designer
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