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Something About Mari

It was wine that got me into blogging

I’m not kidding. Blame the wine for the direction my life has taken because without it I would not be a WordPress Consultant today.

In 2007, after 15 years of print writing and publishing, I launched Tasting Room Confidential on is like training wheels for blogging and fills a lot of needs, but eventually I grew out of it. I just wanted more. More variety, more functionality and more control.

I wanted WordPress

In early 2010 – while working on a Master Certificate of Internet Marketing through the University of San Francisco – I took the plunge into WordPress. I can’t say it was always easy, teaching myself the way I did, but it was ultimately satisfying.

Learning more about WordPress made me want to do more. 

I realized that WordPress is a lot like wine: you can never know everything because everything changes constantly. You could learn something new everyday - forever.

My first WordPress blog !

tasting room confidential

The designer in me

In 2011, I went pro by blogging here about blogging and designing sites for other people. Since then, I've created dozens of sites, and each one has taught me something new about WordPress

The biggest thing I learned is that WordPress is so intuitive and user friendly that people naturally want to play with it themselves. I realized what users need is someone to coach them on WordPress.

blogsite studio wordpress tutorial

I became a WordPress Consultant and Tutor

I taught WordPress to some of my writer friends and discovered that I had a knack for training.

So I started a account called WordPress Workshop. 

I work privately as a WordPress Consultant and tutor, helping business owners develop the techniques they need to build and manage their sites. And I love to evangelize!

Mari Create a WordPress Website c-up

Ebooks are the new textbooks

In 2013, I wrote a blog series, Create a WordPress Website, to give my readers a step-by-step guide to setting up a site. I released it as an ebook called, Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps. 

The latest version is available on this site, and on

The companion videos to these steps are now posted on my Blogsite Studio channel on YouTube.

In May of 2015, I released my much anticipated follow-up ebook, Escalate Your WordPress Website: Twelve Ways to Blog at a Higher Level

In 2017, I released Secure Your WordPress Website: How to Protect Yourself from Hackers, Spammers, Scrappers, and Imbeciles, which I'm offering as a free gift to new subscribers.

escalate wp.400

Speaking of WordPress 

I've spoken about WordPress at WordCamp Vancouver 2012 and WordCamp Vancouver 2013, WordCamp Las Vegas 2015.

I've discussed WordPress and Social Media at several BC Association of Travel Writers Symposiums.

I evangelized at the Vancouver Business Network, the Blog Mastery Conference, as well as the YVR Bloggers Meetup. For a while, I was a regular on the web show, Women Talking Tech.

I've discussed blogging and at the BCATW Meetup and at the Beer Bloggers Meetup

My message: it's fun to use WordPress, you just have to know how. 

Mari Kane speaks on Taking Control of Search Optimization with WP SEO by Yoast, at WordCamp Las Vegas 2015 #wclv

Fun times in the media 

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Get your blog on!

To me, blogging is not only a satisfying creative outlet, it's the best way to increase traffic to your website and promote yourself.

My aim is to help people and businesses achieve their internet marketing goals by creating attractive and functional blogsites with WordPress.

Let me help you make the leap into the wonderful world of WordPress.

-Mari Kane

Call me at 604-682-8973 or email me!

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