Blogsite Studio Channel Launches on YouTube with 3 WordPress Videos

YouTube fans, rejoice! I have finally updated my musty old YouTube channel and rebranded it as Mari Kane’s Blogsite Studio.

Sure, I’ve had tutorial videos sitting there for years, but recently I re-edited a bunch of new videos I created in Camtasia to illustrate my landmark ebook, Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps, and have uploaded them on the new Blogsite Studio channel.

mari kane's blogsite studio channel on youtubeSo far, the newly uploaded videos include:

Step 3 – Install a WordPress Theme

Step 4 – Install Essential Plugins

Step 5 – Build Your Site

I have recorded steps 6-8, and will finish and upload them soon. Steps 9 and 10 will be produced and uploaded this fall.

So stay tuned!

My, how YouTube has changed!

As an online video broadcaster and the second most powerful search engine on the Internet, YouTube has changed massively since I first started uploading videos at my Winetalker channel (which includes exclusive clips of Stephen Colbert at the Vancouver Olympics).

YouTube end screens blogsite studio channel

Among the new innovations at YouTube is the Creator Studio where more and better tools are available to improve your videos, including:

Dashboard: Check for notifications and alerts from YouTube, including the latest updates, stats, and notifications for your review.

Video Manager: Organize and update your videos from one place or dig into a particular video to adjust settings individually. Use tools to optimize a video, tweak its settings, or bulk update changes across videos with a single click.

Community: Communicate and collaborate with your fans and fellow creators. Review and respond to comments, read private messages, see videos where you’ve been credited, or review a list of subscribers (if your channel has at least 1,000 subscribers).

Channel: Adjust settings that affect your channel overall, such as signing up for monetization, controlling your upload defaults, or enabling live streaming.

Analytics: Review your channel’s performance and get info on how your channel is growing. Find reports and data to help you evaluate your channel and video performance, including views, subscribers, watch time, revenue for partners, and more.

Create: Access the audio library and video editor to create new videos, add sound effects or unique music, or experiment with transitions.

For my new Create a WordPress Website videos, I’ve so far taken advantage of features like:

Translations – Now the video information is translated to French

End Screens – Subscriptions and video suggestions trail each video

Custom Thumbnails – Created in Photoshop to add branding

And, yet there is still more I can do!

Audio on the Blogsite Studio channel

YouTube offers some copyright-free soundtracks to add to your videos, but they are all too short and uneditable for my needs. Not only that, YouTube’s tracks sound corrupted with tons of glitches.

So I downloaded a track called Makie Elkino from the Free Music Archives and it fits perfect with the tone of the videos.

I need your help!

Please help my channel rise in the rankings by watching the videos, commenting, and liking each one.

Also, please subscribe to Mari Kane’s Blogsite Studio channel so you’ll get alerts for my new videos.

And feel free to share links and embed the videos wherever you like!

Thanks for your support.

UPDATE: Step 6 – Write a Blog Post AND Step 7 – Search Engine Optimization are now up at Mari Kane’s Blogsite Studio! Blogsite Studio on Youtube banner

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