Create a WordPress Website Ebook Launches on Amazon

Create a wordpress website update 500Today, Blogsite Studio launched the ebook, Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps: Updated for WordPress v.4.1 on

You can get your copy for only $2.99 USD.

Used by 20% off all websites worldwide, WordPress is a powerful communication management system (CMS) that is both friendly and daunting. Super charged for SEO, yet perplexing to the CEO, WordPress appears complex, but it’s also learnable.

I have worked with hundreds of business people and hobbyists to educate them about the wonders of WordPress and how to make it the base of one’s online operations. The text of Create a WordPress Website is drawn directly from my tutorials.

This edition of Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps is fully interactive and explains everything an entrepreneur must to do to build a web site – fast and without knowing code.

My readers know that one year ago I released the first edition of Create a WordPress Website as a free ebook for subscribers to this site. That offer is no longer in effect, but I will soon have a new ebook to give away.

Since the first incarnation of my ebook, WordPress has been updated with three major versions and introduced numerous features. This new edition of Create a WordPress Website is updated for WordPress version 4.1, assuring readers that all the recent feature upgrades are covered.

The ebook opens with a graphic Dashboard Tour as well as a chapter on Top Things to Remember about WordPress. It goes on to describe in plain language how to choose a domain name and hosting service, how to pick the right theme and plugins, the best way to build out the site, how write a post and launch it properly, ways to optimize the site’s pages for search, how to connect to social media, and how to monetize your site and maintain its health. A bonus chapter offers tips on how to learn more about WordPress going forward.

Written by a blogger – for bloggers – Create a WordPress Website is an essential guide to help you take control of your web presence.

Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps Updated for 4.1 will also be available through this site, but since this is my first ebook release on Amazon, I would love to make a splash there first.

Please go to Amazon and order your copy of Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps. And remember to go back and review it once you’ve read and used it!

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