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When the owner of Herbal Glo, a hair and skin care manufacturer, called us for help, their e-commerce site was crumbling from neglect. Numerous ordering problems had arisen and required diagnosis, which was that almost every function needed updating: WordPress, WooCommerce, the theme, and almost all the plugins. 

After we cleared out unused and unnecessary data and functions – including thousands of spam comments – and updated all software, the site was still not realizing its full potential. It became clear that a 15- year-old web server was holding it back but not supporting the latest version of PHP, so we migrated the site to a modernized web host, saving the company money in the process.

Once settled in a new home, updated with a new page builder, it came time to redesign and restructure. The old site had a slider and lots of banners and feature boxes that went nowhere, so we placed a hero video above well-linked feature boxes on the home page. Dozens of informational pages were converted to blog posts for better structure. A Mega-Menu was placed to display the myriad brands and product lines. The company’s origin story was re-written and its About page redesigned. New Team, Locations, Ingredients, and FAQ pages were created, using re-worked text. The site was connected to Mail Chimp and an optin Newsletter form was added. An Affiliate Program plugin was added so affiliate marketers could enroll and sell Herbalglo products for a commission. A WooCommerce Product Review plugin was installed to allow the products to be rated and reviewed by customers. Finally, all pages were optimized for SEO.

Tasks: Website doctoring, design, video editing, development, copywriting, SEO. View Site  

(Note: Home and other pages design has been radically changed by client.)

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