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Roberta Staley's old website on .ca
Roberta Staley’s old website on .ca

When editorial powerhouse Roberta Staley asked me to create a new site on which she could display the fruits of her varied labors, I knew she needed what I call a Hub Site: a website that serves as a hub of a creative person’s wheel of endeavors

Roberta had a strong sense of what she wanted. Simple. Clean. Unfussy. A dynamic portfolio. Pages on a new endeavor, English tutoring, without the typical hard-sell approach, and Testimonials from students, to promote her tutoring. Roberta provided all the text and images.

And, Roberta wanted to work in tandem, uploading text, images and pdfs into the Visual Portfolio plugin. This is not something I advise in the design stage, preferring instead to encourage the hand-on approach for ongoing updates. For this project, I created a portfolio template she could duplicate and populate, and by working on 30 portfolio posts, Roberta saved herself a bit of money! 

The site went through many iterations before we perfected the design together. It was definitely a collaboration!

Finally, we pointed the .ca dns to where the .com is hosted and released the website to much acclaim!

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Roberta Staley

Mari Kane is a highly competent, technically savvy, and creative website designer. She is also highly collaborative, working closely with her clients to ensure that their vision is realized. Mari did a stunning job on my new website, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to create more impact on the Internet.

Roberta Staley
Roberta Staley
Roberta Staley

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