Evolution Healing Center

Evolution healing device

Practitioner Laura Haskill wanted a lively, emotional website to promote her new Evolution Healing Centera healing retreat in Yarrow, BC. With her photos, we put together a bright, sunny one-page style layout that she has since blogged on and expanded.

Tasks: Concept, design, development, training, maintenance.  Visit Site

Laura Haskell says:

Mari is brilliant and knowledgeable about so many things about websites and also about blogging. Mari came through with so many suggestions and hints and feedback on things and I didn’t have to ask her about these things, she just offered the information.

Bottom line she cares about her clients. Whenever I had issues or problems with my website, she was right there helping me all the way. I’ve asked her advice about so many things such as good scheduling programs, webinar systems, member login in pages, so many things! Mari has a big heart when it comes to helping her clients. She is my go-to person and guru of so many things regarding social media and I would never change her for anyone else ever! Thank you Mari!

Laura Haskill

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