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Klaus and Roberta Joehle had grown out of their old author site and needed a fresh site with increased functionality for their library of books and audio files. They also wanted a page to promote Klaus’ mosaics business.

Author Klaus Joehle’s books continue to be sold via Amazon links, but audio files are now presented for listening and download through Media Library playlists and free book downloads are presented in pdf form. With the exception of the Mosaics page presenting an extensive photo gallery, all pages feature parallax background images of the natural world. Klaus’ Instagram wall is displayed using a social stream plugin, allowing it to create a type of social media blog. The whole site can be translated into seven different languages, thanks to a translation plugin. Finally, a new logo was needed.

Tasks: logo and web design, development, copyediting, photography, SEO. View Site

I would like to thank Mari for jumping in when I needed help with our web page.

I appreciate her patience during the process as my husband is an author whose readers are of many languages so there were alot of downloads and audio to load on to the site. Being so knowledgeable about plugins Mari was able to find us the tools needed to help make things simple such as a translator for visitors to the site. My husband records his journey daily on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube we did not want to enter all of this separately on the website and Mari solved this for us by adding the instagram feeds along with a few YouTube videos. Mari made what we have work for us.

Thank you Mari for being such a beautiful soul.

Roberta Joehle
Roberta Joehle
Roberta Joehle

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