Road Blog: Becoming a Travel Blogger for Fun or Profit

Do you want to become a travel blogger?

On July 8th, I spoke to the BC Association of Travel Writers Meetup in Vancouver, BC and posed that question. How to become a travel blogger was the subject of my slideshow presentation, embedded below.

It’s an offshoot of my post How to Get your Travel Blog On The Road to Success, but with more tips from me and from other travel bloggers.

I warned the assembled travel writers that by becoming travel bloggers, they are entering perhaps the most competitive and desirable area of blogging known to humankind. After all, who would not like to ditch their day job and go eating and drinking and touring their way around the world?

[Tweet “For some reason, there are an exorbitant number of ex-attorneys in the travel blogging business. “]

For some reason, there are an exorbitant number of ex-attorneys in the travel blogging business. Hmmm, wonder why.

My travel blogger talk

The presentation covers:

  • My bio in blogging
  • Deciding on a mission
  • Finding a niche and domain name
  • Designing a beautiful site
  • Immersion in the Blogosphere: WordPress, Google, social media, email, web hosting
  • Writing amazing travel stories
  • Becoming a camera ninja
  • Monetizing your travel blog
  • Being a joiner

All of it includes tips for how to learn more.

This Travel Blogger Meetup was held in the conference room of the brand new Big Rock Urban Brewery located in what’s now known as Brewery Creek in Vancouver, BC. The clean white conference room is upstairs, overlooking the bright, shiny brewery. We had a dedicated server bringing us food and drinks during the meetup. How cool is that?

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to give a presentation while sipping a cold ale!

The place is so accommodating, I’m considering locating my soon-to-be-revived WordPress Workshop at Big Rock.

More on that soon. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, please subscribe to this blog and get my latest ebook, Escalate Your WordPress Website: Twelve Ways to Blog at a Higher Level.

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(featured image courtesy of Brian K. Smith)

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