Search Engine Ranking Takes Years and Here’s Why

Path to Search Engine Ranking

As a web designer and WordPress Consultant, I have mixed feelings while working with clients on new sites. I share their enthusiasm and optimism for launching their sites but on the other hand, I’m depressed knowing the time and energy it takes to achieve search engine ranking,

Top 5 SEO Tips Learned from Daniel Moscovitch at WordPress Workshop

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SEO is not just a science, but also an art. Like Picasso, it’s possible take a time-honored tradition and interpret it in a unique and innovative way. With Search Engine Optimization there are always new ways to see the problem of searchability and develop new techniques with which to solve them. You just have to be … Read more

How to Use Keywords on Websites with Cijaye DePradine

How to use keywords Cijaye group

“A keyword is not a keyword until you know how to use it!” That Seussonian declaration was how digital marketer Cijaye DePradine launched her presentation, Keywords to Profit, at WordPress Workshop on January 19th, and it really perked up the 20 or so attendees.