How To Post On A WordPress Blog

You are a member of a group that has a WordPress blog and you want to contribute. But, you don’t know how to post on a WordPress blog. What to do?

Use this guide to get started blogging.

Login to WordPress Blog Dashboard

wordpress blog, Edit Post Page,

The administrator of your group must first give you a login and password to get into the “back end” of the WordPress blog. Go to the site itself and at the end the URL, type “/wp-admin,” ie. This is a standard way to bring up the login page.

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Choosing WordPress Plugins and Widgets

wordpress plugins for social media and seo,, by mari kane
Plugin, tune up and build out

Plugins and widgets are the little apps you install on your blogsite to add functionality. They’re tiny engines that make interactive things work, handling almost any task: Search Engine Optimization, spam killing, email gathering, photo displaying… the list goes on seemingly forever. Choosing plugins and widgets can be among the most important decisions you can make about your WordPress site.

They’re created and supported by regular software developers who sell Pro versions of the free plugins found on WordPress. Still, the developers do like donations and they let you know on every page possible.

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Learn WordPress and How to Blog

When I began offering a Wordpress tutorial two months ago, I had no idea that teaching people how to blog would be so satisfying.

WordPress Plugins for Social Media and SEO

When I coach my Wordpress Workshop, one of the first things I suggest to new bloggers is to install Wordpress plugins for social media and SEO.

Search Engine Optimization For Blog Writing Using Inbound Writer

Finally, there is a tool for blog writing to optimize it for search engines as it is typed. It’s called Inbound Writer, created by Eightfold Logic, and I decided to take it for a spin on the spot, and started typing this.