Why WordPress – The Most Popular Web Platform on the Planet

On February 18, I had the opportunity to present this slideshow at the Vancouver Business Network Meetup in Downtown Vancouver.

Why WordPress

The presentation was meant to answer the question, Why WordPress? with something more than the fact that it is the most popular web platform on the planet.

The upshot is that what makes WordPress so attractive as a web platform is its accessibility and functionality. Business owners can update the site themselves, thus eliminating the need to pay a webmaster. And, its built-in functionality gives businesses more options than ever  before.

WordPress is easy to use, widely supported and hard to screw up. Just ask the users of 20 million web sites now run on WordPress.

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Speaking of Meetups, the Vancouver WordPress Meetup has announced a meetup called, Women Talking WordPress set for Saturday, March 1 from 1-4pm. From their Meetup page:

Women Talking WordPress is a workshop for women who are thinking about speaking at events, such as Meetups and WordCamp. The focus of the workshop will be to help generate topics to give a talk on, boost your speaking confidence, and allow you to practice speaking in a safe space. At the end of the workshop you will have a few ideas for talks, an outline on one topic, and a chance to practice speaking in a small group.

This meetup is in response to a growing outcry about the lack of representation of women speakers at events in proportion to the number of women attendees. It is a subject I have raised before on this blog. In fact, representation of women is a subject that is always hot on my mind, whether in the area of tech or wine.

As of this writing, there are eleven spots left for Women Talking WordPress and I encourage any women WordPressers to sign up.

Because WordPress needs more women.

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