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I loving getting testimonials about my work. Here are a few nice things clients have said:

On Web Design

5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
evolution of the heart-home 800"As we are on the move a lot, traveling and busy with clients, Mari supported creating and building our website on a new platform. The new site is fresh and more of who we are and what we offer in the world. Thank you, Mari !"

BCHF - Events"We couldn’t be happier with the job Mari did of redesigning the BCHF website. Throughout the process she was accessible and responsive to our concerns and has provided great follow up service. We’ve received fantastic response to the site and it has been an effective source for outreach, donations, and ticket sales. We would definitely recommend her for website projects in the future."
evolution healing center home"After going through two other people that unfortunately did not come through for me with a great website, I finally found Mari! Mari is brilliant, knowledgeable about so many things about websites and also about blogging. Mari came through with so many suggestions and hints and feedback on things and I didn't have to ask her about these things, she just offered the information because bottom line she cares about her clients! Whenever I had issues or problems with my website, she was right there helping me all the way. I've asked her advice about so many things such as good scheduling programs, webinar systems, member login in pages, so many things! And she came through every time without charging me an extra cent! Mari has a big fat heart LOL when it comes to helping her clients. I love Mari. She is my go-to person and guru of so many things regarding social media and I would never change her in for anyone else ever! Thank you Mari!"
mark sekela“Mari changed the look of my website from “homemade” to professional in no time at all. She has an excellent working knowledge of WordPress and was able to tweak the little things on my website to make it look and function seamlessly. However, the best aspect of working with Mari was her ability to explain the complex intricacies of working with WordPress at a level that a new user such as myself could understand. I would not hesitate to recommend Mari to anyone who needs help learning how to use WordPress or wants to update their website.”
Radio Intimate Home
"Mari Kane did an excellent job at helping me get my website up and online.She is very adept with Word Press and gave me numerous options while creating the site. Once we knew what direction we were taking she offered several inventive ideas. Mari is a good problem solver and came up  with quick and clever expedients. I’d definitely recommend  her services."
west end writers,
"The way Mari Kane laid out our site, made it accessible, and showed technophobic members how easy it was to communicate with each other has made our group more cohesive. She then converted our old HTML public site to mirror the members-only site, so we have a public site and a private site that share the right information between them. Additionally, hooking both sites to Facebook, Twitter and Paypal has streamlined our promotional efforts and our revenue management. Mari has brought our 23 year-old writers group into the 21st Century and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to effect a similar change."
Wertzberger wine site"Mari Kane’s help has been indispensable in upgrading my online presence. You can put up a website and start a Twitter account and a facebook page, but then what? Mari understands how these platforms work and how to use them to their best advantage. All the details that will improve your search engine rankings and web crawl. How Twitter REALLY works. The difference that one word can make on your homepage. Discovering these things on my own would be either impossible or an incredible drain of my valuable time. Well worth it."
BCATW 2017 800x400 "Mari designed a beautiful site that graphically represents the travel experience using a theme that allows us to showcase our photography. She listened closely and found the solutions we needed to present the information the way we wanted it. Additionally, thanks to Mari’s thorough training skills, our members are now able to design and create their own profile pages as well as post to their heart’s content. I would whole-heartedly recommend Mari for both designing sites as well as training users on WordPress."

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