I loving getting testimonials about my WordPress Tutorials. Here are a few nice things clients have said over the years.

Sharon McInnes says:

“I had almost given up on creating my Wordpress author website when a friend told me about Mari Kane. After spending 90 minutes with her, my site was up and running and I knew what to do to make changes as things evolved. She is wonderful to work with! “
Sharon McInnes

Sam Hauck says:

“When I volunteered to create a site for my organization, I turned to Mari Kane as I knew she was a Word Press expert. She provided knowledgeable gentle guidance and offered suggestions whenever I asked her opinion. Whatever your Word Press needs are, I highly recommend working with Mari.”

Sam Hauck

Jessica Silver

“Mari was professional and patient in explaining how to use the back of WordPress to update my website. She made complicated information easy to understand and was thorough and patient with her knowledge transfer. I also appreciate her suggestions and the time she took to study my site and see where improvements could make it look better and bring in more traffic. Thank you, Mari.”
Jessica Silver

Maki Hanawa

“Awesome! Thank you for all. You are a fantastic resource:) Much value taken.”

maki hanawa
Maki Hanawa

Astra Balogh says:

“I was building my first WordPress website by myself with only late night online video tutorials for help and finding it a lot of work and quite difficult and frustrating. I finally decided I needed real hands-on help.  I was pleasantly surprised when I found Mari.  She showed me the backend of WordPress and helped me work through it.  She helped solve all of my issues with her casual, calm demeanour and excellent knowledge.  In three sessions with Mari I was able to launch my site. Thank you Mari!”

Astra Balogh
Astra Balogh

Jane Zappone says:

“Mari was very helpful for our club website as we had no prior working knowledge of word press and had not any idea how to work or maintain the website! Thanks to Mari’s help we were able to update the website and post new info as we a bit behind on our postings. Members have already noticed the new info and are pleased that we are once again up to date! Thank you Mari for all your help now and in the future!”

jane zapone
Jane Zappone

Shannon Kohli says:

“Great learning WordPress with Mari. She’s an amazing tutor! It’s exciting working on my film website www.stalled.ca and seeing it all come together.”

shannon kohli
Shannon Kohli, Film Director

Rae Hull says:

“I was looking for a Wordpress coach, and Mari Kane provided exactly the service I was looking for.  I didn’t want someone to build my site. I wanted someone to help me build it – to get me started on the back-end and navigate me through the tricky bits.  Mari accomplished all of that with a calm “it can be done” attitude. She was knowledgeable, accessible, affordable – and a  pleasure to work with. I recommend her highly.”

Rae Hull
Rae Hull

Graham Best says:

“There are many ads where people offer to make a web page for you, but Mari teaches you how to do it. I was amazed at how easy it was. Within days I had two web pages up and running. Presently I’m working on two others. Mari was available to answer questions by email. She is knowledgeable and very helpful. To spend time learning from her may very well be the best decision you make this year.”

graham best
Graham Best

Joan Boxall says:

“Everyone knows the power of threes. From childhood nursery rhymers to marketing magnates. And so it goes with learning about WordPress. Repetition helps make it stick. Mari Kane provides that third, fourth, fifth…repetition that we so need, and then injects it with ‘And how about downloading ‘Inbound Writer’? I’ve only done three sessions with Mari, but there you go. There will undoubtedly be a fourth, fifth…because not only does Mari help with the review, but she helps the WordPresser inject a bit of ‘the new’ as well. Thanks Mari!”

Joan Boxall
Joan Boxall

Doug Setter says:

“Mari has been the fastest, most straight forward and cost effective website consultant since I first put up a website in 2005. After two hours with Mari, I got my site running better on my own and raised my SEO for free. After a follow-up one-hour session, I learned how to update and read diagnostics. Mari avoids the Geek Talk and delivers what you want.”

Doug Setter Headshots
Doug Setter, BSc. 2nd Wind Body Science

Arthur Orsini says:

“Mari provided excellent help exactly where I needed it to get my blog up and running. More importantly, she then did a super job of tidying up my errors to get me to where I had meant to be all along. Her skills are valuable – not only for the results she produced, but also because, to begin with. . . I lacked the clarity (& exact vocabulary) to actually describe where I was headed.”

Arthur Orsini, Founder


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