3 Meetups in Vancouver Not to Miss

Meetups have become the modern way to congregate off line with people who share your interests and industry.

If you are a Vancouver-area member of Meetup.com and you love WordPress, here are some Meetups you won’t want to miss in February.

Wordpress workshop Meetups, blogsitestudio.comWordPress WorkShop Thursdays

After two years, I have finally changed the schedule of my weekly WordPress WorkShop Meetups.

Starting in February, WordPress WorkShop will meet on Thursday nights.

Same time: 7 pm.
Same place: Blenz on Broadway at Heather in Vancouver.

This change became necessary after two years of hearing, “Tuesdays don’t work for me” from so many people on my list of bloggers, which now numbers 87.

Changing the day will hopefully bring in those people who I’ve only known by their Meetup profile.

YVR Bloggers, February 13th

I’ll be speaking at another Meetup, YVR Bloggers on How to Build a Business out of your Blog, on Thursday, February 13th, 6 – 9 pm. (No WordPress Workshop that night.)

YVR Bloggers meetups, blogsitestudio.com

My topic is Ten Things You Need to Know About WordPress but Were Afraid to Ask.

While less interesting than everything you ever wanted to know about sex, the content will provide valuable tips and insights into using WordPress that every blogger should know.

And if you’ve never been to a YVR Bloggers Meetup, you’ll find more than you expected.

Located in a different splendid venue each time, organizer Ricky Shetty gathers several speakers – sometimes including a panel of experts – to speak about blogging and social media, and he sprinkles sponsors and entertainment between each presentor. It’s rather like a talent show for geeks.

Action packed and information loaded, YVR Bloggers is a Meetup to experience.

Vancouver Business Network, February 18

Another Meetup I’ll be speaking at is the Vancouver Business Network on Tuesday, February 18, 5:45 – 8:45pm.

VBN Meetups, blogsitestudio.com

My topic is Cut Your Costs and Control Your Website with WordPress and is geared toward the business owner who is considering WordPress as an online marketing platform.

With over 3,800 members, Vancouver Business Network is the largest Meetup in Canada.

Roger Killen organizes the events at the beautiful Pyatt Hall in the VSO building. Each meetup includes a session of informal networking and 30 minutes of speed networking.

VBN is where your obsolete business cards come in handy – literally.

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I’m really looking forward to these Meetups and will definitely blog about them. Both will have a Powerpoint presentation and I’ll post links.

Hopefully, you’ll be there. Otherwise, I’ll see you ‘round the Internet.

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