Time to Party as WordPress Turns 10

Can you believe that WordPress turns 10 on the 27th of May?

Sure, 10 is a child in human years, but in the life of the internet it’s like, middle aged.

If WordPress were a person, he/she would be graying around the temples, wrinkly around the eyes, wizened and respected as a pillar of the community, possessing lots of tricks but open to new ideas, with a sense of humor and a childlike love of adventure.

What’s more, WordPress the Elder would have a formidable track record of achievements, a fan club of 60 million, and a fully searchable CV showing 18 stages of evolution.

If WordPress were a dude, he’d be “the most interesting man in the world.”

Let’s Party!

To celebrate when WordPress turns 10, fans around the world are throwing parties. You can find the one near you at a Meetup anywhere

On its blog, WordPress Central suggests we:

  1. Pick a place to go where a bunch of people can be merry — a park, a bar, a backyard, whatever
  2. Spread the word to local meetups, tech groups, press, etc and get people to say they’ll come to your party
  3. If 50 or more people RSVP to your party, we’ll try to send you some WordPress stickers and buttons
  4. Have party attendees post photos, videos, and the like with the #wp10 hashtag
  5. Sounds more like a dare than an invite, but at least a worldwide simultaneous give users an opportunity to get out from behind our computers and raise a glass to our favorite content management system.

After the blitzkrieg of that Brute Force Attack, I think we all need a drink.

Vancouver WordPress

The folks at the Vancouver WordPress Meetup have organized a celebration at the Elephant and Castle in downtown Vancouver at 6:30 pm, Monday, May 27.

If you haven’t met the YVRWP people, you’ll find their 1000+ members are a cool bunch of folks with a wide variety of skill levels. Their ringleader is Morten Rand-Hendriksen, local web guru and star of Lynda.com, so you can’t help but learn something. I encourage all bloggers in my WordPress Workshop group to join and attend their meetups.

Only 50 of 80 spots remain at press time, so be sure to RSVP soon. No telling what will happen if you just show up, but I’ve never been turned away for lack of RSVP.

See you there and happy birthday WordPress!



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