Top 5 SEO Tips Learned from Daniel Moscovitch at WordPress Workshop

SEO is not just a science, but also an art. Like Picasso, it’s possible take a time-honored tradition and interpret it in a unique and innovative way. With Search Engine Optimization there are always new ways to see the problem of searchability and develop new techniques with which to solve them. You just have to be creative.

WordPress Workshop members recently gained new tools for their SEO toolbox when mastermind Daniel Moscovitch gave a presentation that blew our minds with ideas.

Moscovitch is a partner at the agency More Hot Leads, specializing in ranking for local search. He has been advising me about SEO for my business for the past two years. So, on his tour of North America after leaving his adopted home in Tel Aviv, he made time to give my WordPress Workshop some tips on The Art of SEO.

Here are my five main takeaways from his presentation:

Study high rankers and copy them

learn seo google search results
Find the posts that rank for your keywords and copy them.

Google the keyword phrase you want to rank for and study the pages that rise to the top of page one (below the ads). Study them for keyword density, word count, anchor links, formatting, image content, etc. and copy them – style for style, using your own content obviously – and monitor for ranking.

Use multiple keywords for Bing and Yahoo

learn SEO meta keywords yoast
Yoast doesn’t know why you want to use meta keywords, but you do.

Google may no longer pay attention to multiple keywords, but Bing and Yahoo do. To place more than one keyword while using Yoast, go to SEO>Titles and Metas and where it says,”I don’t know why you’d want to use meta keywords, but if you want to, enable this”, click Enable.

The solution for link pollution is dilution

Google hates unnatural links. If you have tons of unnatural, spammy-looking links pointing to your site – which you can’t control, of course – the solution is to produce a higher number of naked or branded back links to balance out the ratio. is an application he suggest using to work with inbound links.

Get quality backlinks from social media profiles

learn seo social media
Create profiles on as many social platforms as you can find and link them to your site.

Google loves brands so having high quality backlinks from major brands helps to increase your site’s status. And to dilute spammy backlinks. Social media platforms all rank as high-quality sources, so having links between and from them passes along their good link juice.

Services you can pay to set up profiles include:,,, all of which provide lists of social platforms to link together.

DIY by opening an account for each platform – not just the ones you frequent most – and complete a full profile using the exact same information found in your Google Business profile. That will give you that many more high quality backlinks pointing to your site.

Optimize jpeg metadata 

learn seo jpeg metadata iphoto
On a Mac, use the Get Info link to optimize the jpeg’s metadata.

Done by navigating to the file folder and right clicking the jpeg on a PC, or clicking Get Info on Mac, you can enter keywords, links and descriptions to optimize the image at the source. So when that image is posted it will carry all of your meta data with it.

Geotag your images by placing business addresses in the meta date of an image. You can also use old versions of Picasa, Lightroom, Photoshop Bridge or other apps to do that.

SEO tips don’t end here

As the Cat in the Hat said, “That is not all, oh no, that is not all!”

Moscovitch had many more tips to SEO your site, some of which is explained in his post, 10 SEO Tips for Your Local Business.

To get an analysis of your site, help with link building or cleaning, PPC marketing, or online reputation management, give him a call at the number on his site. He also offers rewards for client referrals.

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