L’Shana Tova Guide to Cleaning Up Your WordPress Website

Cleaning up wordpress website

With summer officially over and a new year (according to the Judaic calendar) upon us, I think this is an excellent time to be cleaning up your WordPress website. It shouldn’t take too long and your site will be lighter and faster than before.

How to Take Control Of Your Web Presence Now

A Website is like a house with a hundred working parts. A home owner would never leave the keys to their house in the hands of the real estate agent. Neither should you rely on your web designer to hold the keys to your site.

How to Fix WordPress Errors and Keep Your Site Humming

wordpress errors

Despite its user friendliness, WordPress can have a mean streak sometimes. All kinds of errors can occur on your blogsite that screw up your workday big time, issues that make you rampage to the WordPress.org Forum and beg for answers. But a lot of the problems with WordPress have similar fixes and if you remember some basic remediation techniques, you’ll save yourself time down the road.

13 Tips to Increase Website Speed on WordPress

page speed

Not only do your site’s visitors hate to wait, Google is impatient too and will ding you for having a slow loading site. Here are 13 tips, in order of complexity and cost, for increasing your website page speed.

7 Ways to Ruin your WordPress Website Without Really Trying

ruin your wordpress

This post on how to ruin your WordPress Website was inspired by a client I worked with last week. His ecommerce site had been hacked and suspended by his host, and he wanted to clean it up. Without making promises, I took a look at his WordPress dashboard, and what I found shocked me. He … Read more