8 Problems of the WordPress World Solved by Vancouver WordPress Meetup

Van wordpress meetup, https://blogsitestudio.com/8-problems-of-the-wordpress-world-solved-by-vancouver-wordpress-meetup/

This Vancouver WordPress Meetup was a roundtable with 30+ people sitting around a rectangle coffee table solving the problems of the WordPress world.

8 Best Tools to Build a WordPress Directory

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Have you ever wanted to build a directory site like Yelp, Linkedin, Biznik, or Foursquare? If so, you are not alone. Business directory sites are great places to promote and build community in your industry niche.

CSS 101 at Vancouver WordPress Meetup

CSS 101 at Vancouver Wordpress Meetup, blogsitestudio.com/CSS-101-at-Vancouver-Wordpress-Meetup

The Vancouver WordPress Meetup on Valentine’s Day was a sweet one, and not just because of the smorgasbord of chocolate treats provided by a full house of attendees.

Morten introduced this meetup as being recorded online using Google+ Hangouts, which deepened the voice levels, but otherwise provided a better record than my iPhone.

Jill Binder, Web Coder Who Speaks Multimedia, gave us a short tutorial in working with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the code that controls the look of a WordPress site.

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The Magical Media Manager of WordPress 3.5

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At the Vancouver WordPress Meetup the week before last, we got an eyeful and earful about the new WordPress 3.5, the Elvin Jones version.

About 50 people gathered at The Network Hub and we heard host Morten Rand-Henriksen and Joachim (Joey) Kudish from WordPress.com tag-team through the many changes.

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