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WordPress Tutorial

Learn How to Blog with WordPress!

WordPress is a powerful communication management system that is both daunting and friendly. Super charged for SEO, yet perplexing to the CEO, WordPress may appear complex, but it’s also learnable.

Once a user knows where to go in WordPress’ labyrinth of windows and drawers, they’re rewarded with an intuitive, accessible and pleasant internet experience.

Mari Kane is a Vancouver WordPress Tutor who will show you how to blog.

Mari’s WordPress Tutorial includes:


  • navigating the WordPress Dashboard
  • loading and editing photos and audio in Media Library
  • creating Category or Page-based Menus
  • adding Plugins and using Widgets
  • placing Headers and Featured images
  • creating Child Pages and Child Themes
  • working with Tags and Categories
  • connecting to Social Media
  • changing and customizing Themes
  • search engine optimization of Posts, Pages and Media

Skype Tutorials

Thanks to Skype, Mari will work with anyone in the world (in English). Skype 6.2.0 + required to share screens.

Details and Fees

WordPress Tutorial fees are $50 per hour for one blogger, in your Vancouver home, office or at Moii Cafe.

Mari also offers an hourly office rate of $40 per blogger for groups of 2 or 3.

Fees include follow-up consultations by email or by phone.

About Mari

Mari is a graduate of the University of San Francisco Master of Internet Marketing program and has worked on websites since 1996. Aas a writer and blogger, she’s determined that WordPress is the way to go either as a blogsite or as an interactive website.

Mari presently maintains and blogs on four blogsites. Read something more about Mari.

You can read Mari’s WordPress posts at BlogsiteStudio and while there, please subscribe. In particular, read her post about The Difference Between and before setting up your site.

Mari has released three ebooks about blogging with WordPress

Create a WordPress Website in Ten Easy Steps was recently updated and is available on or through this site.

Her second ebook, Escalate Your WordPress Website: Twelve Ways to Blog at a Higher Level was released in May 2015 and is available on or through this site.

Secure Your WordPress Website: How to Protect Yourself from Hackers, Spammers, Scrappers, and Imbeciles came out in Spring of 2017 and is free with subscription to Blogsite Studio.

Create, Escalate, Secure ebooks Horiz 800

Contact Mari

If you would like to learn how to blog with WordPress and would like to set up a WordPress Tutorial, please contact Mari at 604-376-4609, or email below.

She’ll to turn you into a WordPress ninja!

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