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Our approach to all web design is simplicity, beauty, and functionality.

A website has to look good, work well and be free of complications that might impede the site owner’s interaction with it.

For this reason, we use WordPress. It’s the most popular web platform on the planet, and for good reason. WordPress websites have an intuitively-designed dashboard that allows administrators to easily update content by cut-and-paste and drag-and-drop movements. And, there are thousands of WordPress free and premium themes to choose from, some designed for specific business niches.

After we determine your needs and desires, we’ll create a sitemap and wireframe of the site to give you an idea of what we have in mind. Then we’ll show you themes that will deliver the results you want.

And we keep you in the loop! As we work on the site, you will be kept abreast of milestone improvements and consulted on changes.

Once you approve of the site, based on your list of criteria, we'll meet for a tutorial session so that you know how to operate the site well.

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Mari's first ebook, Create a WordPress Website

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Mari's newest ebook, Escalate Your WordPress Website


What you say on your page is as important as how it appears. As with our design philosophy, we like to keep our words simple, clear and concise to make the reader feel smart and respected.

When writing content for your new site, we’ll assemble all of the information you have already, interview you about the specifics you want to emphasize, and then mix it together to produce organized, keyword rich text to lay on the page.

Pages that almost always need copywriting are Home, About, Team, and Services. Others, like Testimonials, practically write themselves. Either way, as part of our web services, we’ll produce typo-free, keyword-rich, easy-to-read and lively text that is SEO’d to perfection.

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Websites without images are boring indeed. Pictures are what draw eyes and make readers want to read a page.

At Blogsite Studio we love photography, art, cartoons and video. We like to mash them up into something new and unexpected. Or let a simple image speak its proverbial 1000 words, unedited.

As a professional photographer, Mari can shoot the images you need to illustrate your site. Whether it's head shots, group portraits, product shots, landscape or architecture, she's able to conceive and execute the perfect image, every time.

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WordPress Tutorials

Mari likes to paraphrase Dr Suess by saying, “WordPress is fun, but you have to know how.”

Despite it’s accessibility in comparison to Dreamweaver and other HTML tools, WordPress is still complex. WordPress offers various levels of permissions, but even in the Editor role, there’s a lot to learn in order to operate the site effectively.

Mari is an expert at teaching the WordPress experience. After a Dashboard Tour, she’ll show users every aspect of the tools available to their role: the multiple ways to accomplish tasks, keyboard and Dashboard shortcuts, time-saving tricks, as well as things to avoid doing.

An accomplished blogger, she’ll also tutor clients on how to write blogs, choose topics, create publishing schedules, and use keywords.

Read more about Mari's WordPress Tutorial.

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