Secure Your WordPress Website Ebook is Released

There was a time when I hardly ever thought about securing my WordPress websites against hackers. I lived in a cocoon of denial padded by the belief that my little wine blog contained nothing anyone would want to steal. No state secrets, no credit card information. I knew hackers were out there, but I believed they just hit bank and retail sites.

Then, I learned about brute force attacks and how hackers will use bots to bang on your login door until it breaks down. I found out that they weren’t motivated by stealing data as much as injecting malware to turn my site into a zombie to spread malware to my visitor’s computers and sites.

That was the end of my age of ignorance.

In the last few years, this site,, has been hacked a couple of times. The first was due to a vulnerability in a plugin. The second was the result of a phishing attack that I fell for because of the coincidental timing related to another issue I was having on my server. Cleaning up the messes they left was a harrowing and infuriating experience, and a huge drain on time, not to mention expensive.

I’ve seen how other sites get hacked, possibly because of their unchanged “Admin” usernames, outdated versions of WordPress, plugin vulnerabilities – who knows what all. Cleaning them up was painful, especially when a current backup was not available and caused a loss of data.

Then, there is the scraping of email addresses, inadvertently left in the site’s content, which leads to a proliferation of spam coming to that email’s inbox. I’ve seen that happen too.

Just look at what happened in the United States last year when the Democratic National Committee was hacked after a simple email phishing scheme!

I tell you, it’s a bot-eat-bot world out there and you can no longer trust your little content site to remain safe. You have to take precautions to insure the security of your website.

Secure Your WordPress Website ebook released

All of that is why I’ve released my newest ebook, Secure Your WordPress Website: How to Protect Yourself from Hackers, Spammers, Scrapers and Imbeciles. I want you to secure your WordPress website against the evildoers who are lurking out there.

The ebook contains posts from written over the past four years, and is updated to reflect changes on the Internet.secure_wordpress up 400

  • How to Take Control Of Your Web Presence Now
  • The Best Tips to Securing WordPress Websites and Keeping Hackers Out
  • The 27 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Prevent Hacking
  • Backup and Restore Your WordPress Site and Sleep Better at Night
  • WordPress Under Brute Force Attack: Targeting Admin Usernames
  • Use Mantras as Passwords to Achieve Web Nirvana
  • 3 Ways to Protect Your Email Address From Hackers and Spammers
  • How to Kick Content Scrapers in the Balls
  • Damn that Referrer Spam from Google Analytics
  • How SSL Certificates Give Your URL the Cone of Silence
  • After the Hack: How to Restore Your WordPress Website

Secure Your WordPress Website will show you what evil can befall an unprotected website and give you a road map to protecting yours. And, how to recover from the nightmare of being hacked!

Secure Your WordPress Website costs only three bucks at and in the new Blogsite Studio Bookshop, but you can get the PDF version FREE by subscribing to

And if you are already a subscriber of mine, you will get an email soon with a link to download Secure Your WordPress Website as a thank you for your loyalty.

So get your copy today!

Blogsite Studio Bookshop now open

With three ebooks to sell, I’ve opened up the Blogsite Studio Bookshop, using WooCommerce, of course. 

If you buy any of my ebooks, please be sure to go back and leave a review.

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And please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about WordPress.

Thanks and enjoy Secure Your WordPress Website!

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