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WordPress is the way to go

3 Reasons to turn your website into a WordPress blogsite
Blogs are everywhere and are steadily replacing the website format. What’s going on and why are blogs becoming the preferred method of internet marketing? Here are a few basic reasons.

Thanks to platforms such as WordPress, posting something on a blog is way easier than updating your website. It’s true that a blog is what all websites wanted to be. You don’t need to install and navigate cumbersome Dreamweaver in order to blog. You can just log onto the web platform and fill in the provided fields and settings to make your voice known on a daily basis. Plus, the stream of applicable widgets is seemingly endless and the structured format makes it nearly impossible to throw anything out of whack. You can be a webmaster without being a geek.

Comments are what sets blogs apart from websites. Blog comments provide the interactivity that message boards used to provide, but with better controls. Comments encourage readers to feel more involved in the topic of your story, effectively turning a monologue into a dialogue. Also, comments allow readers to post links to other stories online, which further enriches the conversation. You’ll go from being a poster to a discussion facilitator.

Search engines love websites that are updated frequently and produce great content. They send more traffic to pages that change once a month compared to never, and even more if the blog is updated weekly, or better yet, daily. The more frequently and better you write, the more traffic you can get from Google. If your blog represents a business, this means an increase in leads or sales or possibly attention for the “media.” Blogs are like publicists, minus the hefty retainers.

A long-time blogger, this is my first blog about blogging. I’d love to know if it helped you are motivated you to get started in the blogosphere. Please comment below and come back for more tips on blogging.

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