What To Do After Launching a New Blog to Make It Fly

Launching a new blog

You could not have picked a worse time to start blogging because the Internet is literally drowning in content, all of it vying for reader’s eyeballs. Here are eight things you can do when launching a new blog on the Internet.

The Chute to Google Hell

Gary Lee, blogsitestudio.com/the-chute-to-google-hell

A few weeks ago I posted a story called, “3 Steps on the Stairway to Google Heaven.”

As a complete turnaround, I’m calling this post, “The Chute to Google Hell” after I experienced an illuminating Meetup at the Pint Pub with an interesting gentleman named Gary Lee.

Gary’s the CTO at the Groupon-alternative, DealCarrot.com, and has worked in IT for the past 15 years. He spoke with us about search engine optimization, and Google, which he did not characterize as the benevolent search god that I previously described.

In this transcribed interview, Gary does not mince words when he says, “Google is evil.”

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