The New WordPress Workshop Relocates to Big Rock Urban Brewery

WordPress Workshop is back with an invigorating new format, a delicious new venue, and new speakers!

I’m so excited to announce the resurrection of this popular meetup, which I put on pause one year ago.

After hosting that previous incarnation of working intensely with three members at a time once a week for three years, I was ready for a change. I wanted to create more of a seminar format, speaking to larger groups about using WordPress, but I couldn’t find the right venue.

Until I found Big Rock Urban Brewery.

A brewery is built

Back in February, when Big Rock opened just five blocks from my house, I dropped in to their neighborhood opening party to see what they built in this former movie studio.

I was standing on the catwalk in the brewery, among the bright shiny tanks and fermenters, and I looked up to see, through a floor to ceiling window on the second story, a clean white conference room with a wide screen TV and comfy office chairs.

wordpress workshop big rock conference room

I asked the assistant brewmaster what that room was for. He told me the company uses it during the day, but in the evenings they let groups use the room for meetings. The Vancouver Police Union had been in there recently.

That’s when the proverbial lightbulb went off above my head. This was the room I’d been seeking for WordPress Workshop Meetups!

It took several months, but I finally made contact with the general manger who told me the room is available to anyone and that they would provide a dedicated server to work the room for us.

road blog meetup

I immediately signed up the BCATW for their meetup on July 8, in which I spoke about travel blogging. As a meetup, this was a revelation!

As members settled into their seats, the large conference tables provided ample room for notebooks as well as devices that could be plugged into central outlets.

The Big Rock menu offers lots of choices, from burgers and pizzas to tacos and poutines. There is a full bar offering cocktails and wine, but the main event is the beer. My personal favorite is the Citradelic IPA.

During introductions, members were ordering food and drinks and by the time my talk was in full swing, they were eating and drinking their dinners, happy as clams in mud.

travel blogger meetup
The wide flat screen monitor worked perfectly with my computer and its images were clearly visible across the room.

The overhead skylight cast beautiful natural light on the room which made taking pictures easy and sharp.

After a flurry of networking as they finished their brews, the travel writers left happy and energized with the information they’d gained. Some reconvened in the pub downstairs for a bit more discussion while a solo guitarist played on the small stage.

It was all so civilized!

Forward WordPress Workshop

My plan for WordPress Workshop is to present topics of interest to beginner and intermediate WordPress users. Each meetup will include introductions, a one hour presentation, a period for responses to members’ pre-submitted questions, followed by networking time.

The purpose is to learn something about WordPress from either me, a guest speaker, or fellow members; to get your specific questions and issues answered; and to meet other users who can be of assistance. And, to learn a thing or two about craft beer!

We’ll meet on the third Tuesday of the month from 7-9 pm. The fee is only $10.

I should call this, “Blogs and Brews!”

Fall 2015 Schedule

September 15 – Using Yoast for SEO: How to optimize your site for search engines

October 20 – Blog Post Basics: All the elements you must include in each post

November  17 – Staying Secure Online: Protecting your site from hackers, spammers and content scrapers

December  15 – Building a Subscription List: How to add forms and induce readers to subscribe

Join us for a draught pour of WordPress

To RSVP for the September 15th WordPress Workshop Meetup at Big Rock Urban Brewery, please go to our Meetup page. You must have an account with, but that’s free and easy to get.

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See you at Big Rock Brewery!

2 thoughts on “The New WordPress Workshop Relocates to Big Rock Urban Brewery”

  1. Looks like a great new space and the format sounds good. I hope you cover Yoast again as I will be out of town. The other ones you have planned so far are things I can do already. I’m glad you back doing Meetups.

  2. Thanks Teddy. Yes, it’s a great space and I like the new format too. The topics may change as time goes on. Don’t want to explain things people already know. Cheers!

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