Learn WordPress and How to Blog

When I began offering a Wordpress tutorial two months ago, I had no idea that teaching people how to blog would be so satisfying.

WordPress Plugins for Social Media and SEO

When I coach my Wordpress Workshop, one of the first things I suggest to new bloggers is to install Wordpress plugins for social media and SEO.

Search Engine Optimization For Blog Writing Using Inbound Writer

Finally, there is a tool for blog writing to optimize it for search engines as it is typed. It’s called Inbound Writer, created by Eightfold Logic, and I decided to take it for a spin on the spot, and started typing this.

Teaching a WordPress Workshop

WordPress Workshop Meetup page, blogsitestudio.com

If you live in Vancouver, I will teach you how to get your Wordpress blog up and running in 90-minute workshops held at Blenz on Broadway and Heather.

5 Ways To Post Photos On Your Blog

American shorthair with paw, by Mari Kane, www.blogsitestudio.com

Every blog post deserves a good clear image above the fold, right under the Headline. If you write about a place, a thing or a person, your readers need a visual image.