Start 2018 By Learning How To Post in WordPress

Post on WordPress

If you are a writer or communications worker, it’s only a matter of time before you are required to use WordPress. After all, WordPress powers roughly 25% of current websites, and its functions and features are mimicked by most other blogging platforms. Isn’t it about time you learned how to post in WordPress?

5 Top Editing Tips for WordPress

5 keyboard tips for wordpress,

Working with WordPress can be challenging enough for new bloggers without simple editing mistakes ruining their day. When I tutor bloggers on the fundamentals of WordPress, I’m always struck by how many of them don’t understand some basic typical keyboard strokes that have become constant across all graphics and web software.

So now, getting back to basics, here are the top 5 tips for editing in WordPress.

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5 Ways To Post Photos On Your Blog

American shorthair with paw, by Mari Kane,

Every blog post deserves a good clear image above the fold, right under the Headline. If you write about a place, a thing or a person, your readers need a visual image.