Got Blocks? 18 Gutenberg Plugins to Expand Your WordPress Layouts

gutenberg plugins

Gutenberg has not even shipped with the WordPress 5.0 core, yet developers are already creating Gutenberg plugins to help you work better with blocks.

How I Redesigned my Website in WordPress

Website redesign of The Studio

Late last year I said to myself, this website has got to change. The look and structure no longer made sense for my business model and I realized a major website redesign and a minor rebranding was overdue. And, as any creative type knows, you are your own worst client.

Web Design Trends for 2017 Make You Wonder Which Will Endure

As a web designer, I like to stay on top of the current thinking on how to deliver online content more beautifully, efficiently, and with the best results. So I go to the occasional webby Meetup to find out what my colleagues know about the state of web design.